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Custom Wood Cabinet Cleaning and Care

Proper care and cleaning practices will keep your custom cabinets in great condition, always looking polished and refined. Here are a few of our tips:


  • Avoid contact with liquids, both hot and cold. Wipe off any liquids as soon as possible.
  • For appliance cabinets, make sure appliances are installed and functioning properly.
  • Avoid contact with heat sources, like heaters, radiators, and direct sunlight.
  • Use caution when using sharp utensils or products near custom wood products.


  • Clean with a soft, damp wash cloth, and make sure to wipe down to dry soon after.
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals, like alcohol products. Non-abrasive soaps only.
  • Mineral spirits can be used for hard-to-remove spots.
  • Wipe down frequently to maintain a clean and polished look.
  • For painted cabinets,┬áthe Magic Eraser┬« sponges work very well.

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