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One Of A Kind Woodworks FAQ for Custom IKEA Doors

Our number one goal is making sure you are happy with your custom cabinetry. If you have any questions that are not listed below, contact us and we will be happy to provide answers.

Do you have any affiliation with IKEA™?
No. All of our products are completely aftermarket parts that fit the IKEA cabinet systems.

What IKEA cabinet systems do you work with?
We mainly focus on the current kitchen cabinets (SEKTION™), as well as the previous kitchen system (AKURUM™). We also create doors and drawers for the bathroom (GODMORGAN™) and the closet (PAX™) systems.

What do you offer other than aftermarket IKEA parts?
We offer custom floating shelves, wine cabinets, open shelving cabinets, custom trim molding, interior doors to match your home, and much more. Feel free to ask for additional items not listed here, as we want to meet to our client’s needs. We also make custom size door/drawer fronts to fit any size space you might need to achieve your custom built-in look.

What materials are One Of A Kind Woodworks doors made of?
Our flat panel doors have a real wood veneer face that is applied to an MDF and plywood core. To save on weight and add strength, the center core is real plywood with an 1/8 inch MDF pressed on top and bottom. This ensures that the veneer lays down perfectly flat. Our Shaker doors typically have a 2-1/2 inch hardwood border with a veneered MDF interior panel. Our raised panel doors are constructed exclusively of hardwood.

Is everything pre-drilled for IKEA hardware?
Yes. All of our doors and drawers come pre-drilled and ready to install.

Can you match IKEA doors?
We try not to, as our goal is to create a unique look to the IKEA systems. A couple of our customers have wanted a floor to ceiling look, but couldn’t achieve it with IKEA sizes, so we were able to make custom doors to match their factory doors.

What type of finish do your doors have?
Our doors have a catalyzed lacquer top coat applied over a hardened vinyl sealer. You can choose a satin, semi-gloss, or gloss finish. We typically recommend a semi-gloss finish.

Can I match your finish?
Yes, you can match our finish. If you need to repair one of our doors, we can send you a touch up kit. It is best to have a professional spray finish but it can be done without. We suggest doing some practice on a scrap piece first.

Do you paint doors?
Yes, we can paint doors in any color you choose. For durability reasons, we only use oil based paints.

Do you stain doors?
Not often. We believe the true beauty of wood is in its natural state with a clear finish. We can do stains, but some woods take stains differently and don’t always take it uniformly. This can make the finished piece look blotchy, which detracts from the natural beauty of the wood.

Do you make glass doors?
Yes. Our standard glass doors come with a 2-1/2 inch hardwood border. We recommend our client gets the glass inserts from a local glass company, to avoid any broken glass during shipping.

How do I clean my doors?
A damp cloth is best for everyday cleanup. If using soap, make sure it’s a non-abrasive soap. For hard to remove stuff, mineral spirits are effective. If cleaning painted cabinets, the Magic Eraser® sponges work very well. For more tips on care and cleaning, Click Here.

Can I design my own kitchen?
Yes, IKEA has a great program for do-it-yourself-ers. Click Here to use it. Once you have completed your design, just email it to us and we can get started on a bid. If designing it yourself intimidates you, we have professionals that can help you create your dream kitchen.

Where do you ship?
We offer ground shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada.

Is there a size limit on what you will ship?
Typically, we try to keep everything under 95 x 36 inches. For an additional cost, we can go as large as 120 x 40 inches.

What if my order arrives damaged?
We take pride in getting everything perfect for you, right down to the last detail, and shipping is the last detail. We contract our shipping, and work to create a package that is well protected and handled with care by our shippers. That being said, we take full responsibility for anything damaged during shipping. If your package arrives damaged, you need to document it as well as possible. Pictures are best. Contact us within 48 hours of your delivery to report any shipping damages. All damage claims are voided if not reported within 48 hours of receiving delivery.


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