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floating wood shelves

Custom Wood Floating Shelves

Storage solutions are not always about hiding. In fact, one of the newest trends in modern home design, particularly in kitchens, is to store dishes, gourmet food, and other items on floating wood shelves. This creates an opportunity to display the pieces you love or provide easy access to those items most often used, instead of closing them behind cabinet doors. One Of A Kind Woodworks accommodates this by creating custom floating wood shelves to compliment your custom cabinetry.

Our floating wood shelves can be created in any length and width you wish. We offer a huge assortment of wood materials and finishes to choose from. Shelves can be painted to match the room’s color palette. As with all products we create, our precise¬†crafting expertise ensures that every finished product is its own work of art.

Floating shelves open up many options when added to your home. They can be installed in various patterns to create visual interest and can truly expand storage in small rooms and areas. They are an excellent accessory for any home, and when paired with our custom cabinetry in your bathroom or kitchen, they create a luxurious balance in design.

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