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custom wine cabinetsCustom Wine Cabinets

The wine industry is booming and wine cabinets are a must-have solution for most modern kitchens. Our custom wine cabinets provide a luxurious accommodation for your red or white delicacies and can be expertly crafted in many shapes and sizes to fit perfectly with the rest of your cabinets and decor, particularly when remodeling with IKEA™ kitchen system cabinetry.

Regular wine gatherings will happen a lot more often in your home! There’s just something about a wine cabinet that calls out for company. Of course, wine bottles hold a certain aesthetic appeal but the clutter of a dozen or more bottles is less attractive. Thus, wine cabinets as kitchen and dining room décor have become a more popular trend. With our unique designs, your wine cabinet is sure to be a vibrant part of your kitchen. Our storage experts collaborate with you to create a custom cabinet that reflects your vision and brings it to life.

If you need help deciding how and where to incorporate wine cabinets and other features into your kitchen, our team at One Of A Kind Woodworks will be happy to help you.

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